The Occult Museum

It is one if the scariest museums in the world. Mr. and Mrs. Warren’s keep all the possessed things which they get after their investigation in this museum. The museum is filled with all the scary thing which are demonic. It is prohibited to touch anything there as the touch can result in giving energy to the spirit to come live. They bring a Father from the church to bless the museum every week so that it does not cause them any problem.

Here are some pictures of some things from the museum

Video about the occult museum visit with Mrs. Warren

Location: The Warren’s Occult Museum
30 Knollwood St, Monroe, CT 06468, United States

Location link

More about the museum

Unfortunately, Ed Warren passed away in 2006, but the museum was still tended to by Lorraine Warren and their son.

Update March 2018: The museum is currently closed while they look for a new location due to zoning issues.

Update June 2019: Lorraine Warren died April 18, 2019, and the status of the museum is uncertain. 

Recent update: Permanently closed

29 thoughts on “The Occult Museum

  1. I never knew about these kind of Museums,very nicely explained,
    Is this Museum still exist ?
    The article has come out very nice …
    Good luck 👍

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